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Targeting Specific Grades for GCSE Maths

These booklets have been downloaded from https://www.piximaths.co.uk/revision-booklets. These are good comprehensive guides giving practice at specific topics, tailored to particular grades. This is how I would recommend using these booklets.

If your son/daughter is aiming for a grade 5:

  • Complete the aiming for grade 3 booklet first. Mark it using the answers submitted. This will ensure they do not lose early marks on their exam paper. Any topics causing concern should be prioritised as an area for immediate improvement. Students can use https://hegartymaths.com/, https://corbettmaths.com/ or come and see us during Maths Matters after school every Thursday. Encourage them to create a revision card for any topic causing concern.
  • Work through the aiming for grade 5 booklet. Mark it. There will be some topics that challenge students. As above, students should be encouraged to create a revision card for these topics and use https://www.mathsgenie.co.uk/gcse.html to practice exam style questions on these types of questions.
  • RAG rate the topics in both booklets (indicate which topics they found easy, okay or challenging). Any  topics indicated as only okay or challenging should be re-visited regularly until confidence has improved.
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