Every student belongs to a tutor group which in turn belongs to one of five Year Groups. Each Year Group comprises an Assistant Principal Year Leader (APYL), Assistant Year Leader (AYL), Student Support Officer (SSO), Academic Tutors, Student Prefects as well as the remainder of the student body.  This structure ensures every student can enjoy personal support in a ‘family’ ethos and can participate and contribute in a wide variety of inter-year competitions and events.

Tutor groups are led by academic tutors who work closely with subject teachers to monitor the progress of students. All tutors are given specific time to meet separately with each of their tutees.

The first point of contact with any student matter is with your child’s tutor.

  • Year 7 Academic Tutor Evenings - this is held at the start of the year and are an ideal opportunity to meet with your child's tutor and Assistant Principal Year Leader.  During the evening parents will learn more about the opportunities available for their child whilst they are at Thurston Community College.  Each student will already have met individually with their Academic Tutor and agreed personal targets for that term, these will be explained to you during that evening.

    APYL: Mr Graham Chubb
    AYL: Ms Myfanwy Cooper
    SSO: TBC

    APYL: Mrs Kelly Myhill
    AYL: Mrs Sarah Webdale
    SSO: TBC

    APYL: Mrs Rebecca Harper
    AYL: Miss Jess Debnam
    SSO: Mrs Sarah Webber

   YEAR 10   

APYL: Miss Kirsten Evans
AYL: Mrs Emily Wozniak
SSO: Mr Jon Land


APYL: Mrs Sarah Dunston
AYL: Mr Sam Harber
SSO: Mrs Val Heasley     

APYL: Assistant Principal Year Leader
AYL: Assistant Year Leader
SSO: Student Support Officer