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Revision Guides and study aids

Revision Guides and Study Aids are strongly recommended to support learning at home.  Working through an exercise or a topic with your child can significantly support their classroom learning.  

Resources for all year groups are available to purchase from the Revision Guide Shop, which can be access from this link https://bit.ly/2lQ18Lq or through the link on the front page of the College website. Mr Gwilliam will collect your order together on the following day, your student should then come to the ARC to collect, otherwise they will be delivered to them the following school day. After Parent Evenings where we may get a lot of orders this could take a couple of days, so please bear with us. If items are Out Of Stock after being ordered then they may take a week or so to arrive, but they will be delivered to your student as soon as they are available. You do not need an account to order from our shop.

If you are unsure which resource your child could benefit from, please contact your child's subject teachers who will be able to advise.

Years 7 and 8 Revision Guides

Year 9 Revision Guides

KS4 Revision Guides