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Dr Mosley: Mental Health in Schools

Dr Mosley and students

A pioneering project helping students and staff at Thurston community College with their mental health is to be rolled out further across West Suffolk following its success.

Since 2017, the College has employed a full time  Psychologist - one of the only schools in the country to do so - in partnership with the region's mental health trust.

Dr Mosley has offered support on issues such as low self esteem, anxiety, depression and eating disorders as well as training staff on how to identify and best address issues.

Thurston has already reported on the very positive impact its ground breaking approach to mental health has had, with 81% of students who reported living with anxiety or depression having seen their symptoms improve.

Dr Mosley said " What has been achieved has been immense and it is so pleasing that we have helped staff and pupils understand themselves and each other better.  Now we are moving to the next stage and I am thrilled that we can reach out to even more pupils and staff and have a positive impact on their lives".