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Thurston Community College

Thurston Community College

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University is very different from school. I have found myself back to how I felt starting my first day at Thurston; back to the start.

I miss Thurston, the amazing teachers and classmates but am also excited for a new beginning in Electrical Engineering here at Bath University.

Elisa-Jayne Barber
Year 13 'Leaver'
Class of 2015

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Principal's Message

Over the course of the next few weeks, a number of Headteachers and Year 6 teachers from the Thurston Partnership primary schools will be visiting the College.  They will meet with and talk to the Year 7 students who joined us this September to find out how they are settling in.  We know from past experience that the students very much enjoy talking with their previous teachers about ‘life at Thurston’ and how they are getting along.  The experience is clearly something the primary school teachers also truly value as is evident from the recent visit by Mrs Hunter, Headteacher from Walsham le Willows Primary School, who remarked that “the students are so happy, and are more confident and outgoing”.   From these visits we can build upon the arrangements we already have in place for transition from the primary schools to the College, thus ensuring our practice continues to be outstanding.

Sometimes it can feel as if our students are no sooner arriving at the College before they are leaving us and heading off on the next step in their future careers.  To help to keep in touch with our ex-students, we recently launched a brand new Past and Present Students Facebook page.  It is quite remarkable to read the accounts of their travels, adventures and experiences along with their fond memories of the time they spent at the College. The page can be found at www.facebook.com/thurstoncollegepps and I would encourage you to join this rapidly growing community, which certainly provides an inspirational read and I can guarantee will make you smile. 

Many of our ‘Year 13: Class of 2015’ have recently started their first term at university, and will once again be ‘the youngest year’.  As with our Year 7s, they will have lots of new experiences coming their way.  George Tuvey has begun his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy with Psychology at Warwick University; he contacted the College to say “I feel like all the hard work has finally paid off! The things I learnt at Thurston will help guide me through the next steps in life.” And John Hughes is about to begin his studies in Engineering at Cambridge University, saying “I have mixed feelings as I am very excited to meet new people, explore my college and get stuck into the course but I am also apprehensive - moving away from home isn’t going to be easy! However I am determined to make the most of it and take every opportunity I get.”  As with the ‘Year13: Class of 2015’, we want all our students to aspire to achieve their best in the short time they are with us at the College.


Enjoy your week.                                                          

Helen Wilson

Week 1