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Last night, my daughter, my mother and myself visited Thurston Community College for the Open Evening.

Firstly, please let me congratulate you on such an inspirational school.  My daughter lit up last night, I can't quite remember seeing her so enthusiastic and confident in herself, and your students are an absolute credit to the College.

Parent of a Year 6 Student

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Principal's Message

As our third week of term begins, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on what has been a momentous period in the history of Thurston Community College.  You may have read in the Bury Free Press last Friday that the ‘Dawn of a New Era’ has caused great celebration across our community.  It has been a joy and a privilege to welcome three year groups of new students to our Thurston Campus.  Speaking to parents and carers at the Year 7 and Year 8 Settling In Evenings last week confirmed my view of the excellent way in which our new students have responded to the challenges of starting a new school.  Our new students are happy, polite and positive and already display an exemplary attitude to their learning across the full range of curriculum courses.  As one Year 7 student wrote as part of his Geography homework:

“Thurston is amazing.  The atmosphere is warm and cheerful and I feel genuinely excited to go to school.”

I look forward to meeting the parents and carers of our eldest new intake of students at the Year 9 Settling In Evening on Wednesday 1 October.

The ‘New Era’ for education in this part of Suffolk has also got off to a flying start at Thurston Sixth: Beyton Campus.  George Tuvey, a member of our Year 13 Senior Student Team, captured the feelings of his fellow students when he spoke to the Bury Free Press reporter:

Naturally, some students were worried about moving to Beyton.  They were not sure if we could transform Beyton Middle School in such a short amount of time.  But our amazing staff worked their magic over the summer and as a result, we all love our new Sixth Form Campus!  Beyton offers such a mature environment for us all to achieve highly in; and what a beautiful setting to do so!  The amount of input students have had has also been fantastic.  We had a strong input with so many aspects of the Sixth Form, right down to which catering company the school chose and the amount of study space we now have. 
We are all overwhelmed with our new Sixth Form and are very proud
of what we have achieved at Thurston Sixth: Beyton Campus!”

The Year 12 Settling In Evening engendered an equally positive response from parents and carers who were full of admiration for the extensive new facilities which have been created at the Beyton Campus.  An email from a parent the following day was full of praise:

“It was really useful to attend the Settling In Evening last night at Thurston Sixth.  Wow!  What an amazing achievement to get the school looking so fresh in such a short time!  Congratulations and thank you.”

Finally, I would like to remind all parents and carers that I am available every week to meet with you.  For existing parents and carers, I hold a ‘Principal’s Pop In’ every Friday morning from 10:00, where issues of interest or concern can be discussed.  In addition, ‘Tea and Tour with the Principal’, provides an opportunity for parents, carers and prospective students to visit during the College day.  To book a place for either the ‘Principal’s Pop In’ or ‘Tea and Tour’, please contact my PA, Abigail Fordham, by email ( or by telephone (01359 230885).

Have a great week!

Helen Wilson

 Week 2