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I would like to congratulate all of our students and staff who have worked tirelessly to orchestrate our annual College production: Mary Poppins Junior.  I fully concur with the views expressed to me by one parent who attended the performance:

“I was amazed by all the hard work and commitment that has obviously gone into the production and it has been a huge success. All of the performers, cast, lighting/ sound crew, backstage team and all the other pupils and staff involved are a credit to your school.

 I was impressed by the standard of props and backdrops used for a school production as well as the costumes. Thurston Community College obviously has a huge amount of talent at the school and all involved should be immensely proud of their hard work, commitment and the joy they bring to the audience watching.

 I love that my son and daughter at this school as well as all of the other pupils have such amazing opportunities to try all of these different experiences throughout their school time”.

 Helen Wilson, Principal 

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The Snapshot Report for Years 11/12/13 and a copy of the Year 11 Mock Results Certificate has now been published and available to view/download via Go4Schools.

A guide to the Snapshot  ‘Your Child’s Academic progress – A Guide for Parents’ can be found on the College Website by  using link below:

Your Child's Academic Progress - A Guide for Parents


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    We would like to thank you for encouraging our daughter. It is because of this encouragement, support and the building of trust that has enabled her to demonstrate her work to her peers. We believe that good teaching should always be acknowledged - so thank you for ensuring our daughter is cared for, respected, encouraged, supported, challenged, rewarded and praised.  Parent of Year 9 student.